July 28, 2017

July 26th, 9:52 am

The Automated Economy

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"I play something on the piano, it goes into the computer, it immediately sends back information to the piano to play. ... Now the piano is actually creating the composition with me."

Read more here: n.pr/2uko0ms
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I thought the creative branches would at least be immune to use of artificial intelligence. Now if Artificial Intelligence can do creative thinking and abstract thinking and the work of art and probably research, then what will be left for the humans

That was cool, cat

Matej Mestrovic

Zvonimir Dusper

Parahyba de Medeiros

James Crossley


A man with no formal training in robotics spent three years and $50,000 building a robot Scarlett Johansson.
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The uncanny valley

"No formal training".... never would have guessed.

not there yet...

Nightmare fuel.

some people are very odd

Tooooo weird

But is she fully functional?

Jeroen Er 😱

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